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rubber crutch tip, cane tip, furniture leg tip, rubber protective tip

Tips (Crutch/Cane)

Crutch/Cane TipsRubberMill's molded crutch tips are also known as cane tips,
furniture leg tips, walker tips, and tubing tips. We specialize
in large quantity custom design tips to meet OEM requirements.

Black heavy duty and contemporary style tips made from
60 durometer Shore A, SBR, are in stock for immediate
delivery. The RubberMill minimum order policy applies.
See Ordering Information.

Standard Heavy Duty Crutch Tips
Part# Size To Fit

Visit Design Illustration #29 to
specify your standard crutch tip needs

D90020 #16 1/2"
D90032 #17 5/8"
D90035 #18 3/4"
D90021 #19 7/8"
D90025 #20 1"
D90031 #21 1 1/8"
D90037 #22 1 1/4"
Standard Contemporary Crutch Tips
Part# Size To Fit Cross section drawing of crutch tip or cane tip.  RubberMill can provide all types of rubber tips.
Visit Design Illustration #30 to
specify your contemporary crutch tip needs
D90033 #17 5/8"
D90038 #18 3/4"
D90034 #19 7/8"
D90045 #20 1"
D90046 #21 1 1/8"

Click here to view Design Illustrations Guide for Common Molded Rubber Parts.