The cornerstone of RubberMill’s success is the ability to provide customized molded rubber products to your drawings and specifications in a timely and cost effective manner. We utilize a wide variety of manufacturing techniques including compression, transfer, injection and cast molding.

RubberMill supplies dense custom molded rubber products ranging from 5 to 95 durometer Shore A and sponge rubber parts from 30 to 90 durometer Shore 00. Our chemist can help to develop a compound to meet your specific requirements. Visit our Technical Data Section to learn more about different rubber compounds, durometer, chemical resistance properties and common test methods.

Parts RubberMill typically produces from customer specifications are:

  • balls
  • bellows
  • bumpers
  • bushings
  • caps
  • cups
  • discs

  • feet
  • gaskets
  • grommets
  • guards
  • mounts
  • pads
  • plugs
  • rings

  • seals
  • sleeves
  • vibration absorbers
  • spacers
  • stoppers
  • tips
  • washers

Call our Customer Service department or use the convenient Request a Quote feature to submit a drawing for quotation.

You can also visit our Design Illustrations Guide where you can note your required dimensions on common molded shapes and submit for quote.