RubberMill can apply pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) to roll goods and slit to width a large variety of materials to meet customer specifications. Solid rubbers, closed cell sponge rubber, urethane foams, felts and scrims in thicknesses from 1/32” to 1” and widths from ¼” to 6” are common. RubberMill also slits woven and nonwoven fabrics and a variety of filter materials.

RubberMill has three slitting capabilities: Log Slitting for best tolerance – master rolls are wound on a 3” cardboard core to a specified length, wrapped in a protective covering and then slit to width using a single knife indexing cutter. Rewind Slitting – rolls are unwound through a machine, a series of knives cuts the material to width and the smaller rolls are rewound onto a core. In addition to these common methods, RubberMill has Ultrasonic Slitting and Cut-to-Length machinery for more challenging materials.

RubberMill also applies PSA as an assembly aid to narrow woven electrical insulation and lagging gasket materials. Appliance and other OEM manufacturers appreciate the peel and stick gasket material instead of liquid or spray adhesives. The PSA offers a clean method of keeping the woven material in place while the assembly is constructed.

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