Custom Die Cut ProductsRubberMill has continually focused on developing our die cutting capabilities for flexible materials. We have capability in belt feed, auto-travel, die-less knife, and rotary processes and can cost effectively supply OEM and Automotive Tier suppliers with gaskets, insulators, packaging, etc.

We are able to cut parts up to 80” x 60” from all types of elastomeric and nonwoven sheet or roll stock. And, we are able to respond quickly to customer development and production requirements by building most dies in-house using customer AutoCAD files or recreating from customer supplied dimensional drawings.


Material Selection

Material selection and reliable sourcing of roll and sheet stocks for custom engineered parts can be a challenge. The options and sources are almost endless and the manufacturing landscape is ever changing. RubberMill can help identify appropriate materials and sources during the product development process and can build prototypes using a variety of materials such as nonwoven polyester, closed-cell or open cell sponge rubber, elastomeric blends, silicone or neoprene rubber, polyethylene foam.

We can also construct laminated or consolidated substrates from different materials and facings using various web or film adhesives, or simply add a pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) for a peel and stick requirement, then die cut these to your specification. Find more information about our custom die cutting services here, or contact us today to speak with a representative.