Custom Molded Rubber ProductsIt’s in the name – RubberMill is proud to offer top quality custom molded rubber parts for all types of OEM requirements.

All types of rubber, all types of parts.

RubberMill provides custom molded rubber parts — manufactured according to your drawing specifications — in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our range of materials and molding methods is comprehensive. Send us your drawings, specifications, purchase quantities, and EAU’s for a quotation that includes information on tooling costs and project delivery.

You can contact our team directly with any questions about our custom rubber molding.

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Rubber Dimensional Tolerance Information

Dimensional Tolerance Information

RM-Cross Section Mold

Dimensional Tolerances for RubberMill molded parts are made to Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) “A3” commercial specifications. The illustration shows a labeled mold cross section to help identify the “closure” and “fixed” terminology. Fixed dimensions are not affected by flash. Closure dimensions will have flash and affect thickness variation.

Note: Tighter tolerances than RMA “A3” commercial specifications are available. Please contact your RMI sales associate for more information.

RMA “A3” Commercial Tolerances – Molded Rubber

Size Inches Fixed Closure
0 – .40 +/- .008 +/- .013
.40 – .63 +/- .010 +/- .016
.63 – 1.00 +/- .012 +/- .020
1.00 – 1.60 +/- .016 +/- .025
1.60 – 2.50 +/- .020 +/- .032
2.50 – 4.00 +/- .025 +/- .040
4.00 – 6.30 +/- .032 +/- .050
6.30 – Over Special Quote


Parts made using the complete range of molding methods.

  • Compression molding
  • Transfer molding
  • Injection molding
  • Cast molding

Our partnerships with reputable and reliable vendors ensure that we can meet any request. These relationships have been in place for decades, and allow us to spare our customers the risk of sourcing internationally. We entered into our agreements only after inspecting factories ourselves, to ensure quality and value for our customers.

All kinds of materials — including custom formulations.

We have the materials you need readily available. If you’re looking for something custom, we supply custom molded products ranging from 30 to 90 durometer Shore A. Our chemist can help develop a compound to meet your specific requirements. Visit our technical data section to learn more about different rubber compounds, durometer, chemical resistance properties, and common test methods.
All kinds of materials—including custom formulations.

  • SBR
  • Neoprene
  • Nitrile
  • EPDM
  • Silicone
  • Natural Rubber
  • Viton
  • Urethane

Parts RubberMill Has Produced:

Give us your specifications for these and other parts.

  • absorbers
  • balls
  • bellows
  • bumpers
  • bushings
  • caps
  • discs
  • feet
  • gaskets
  • grommets
  • guards
  • mounts
  • pads
  • plugs
  • rings
  • seals
  • sleeves
  • vibration
  • spacers
  • stoppers
  • tips
  • washers

All types of rubber—all types of parts