We cut, coat, slit, splice, form, punch, mold, or add adhesive to just about anything. We have the specialized equipment and hard-earned expertise to provide you with custom solutions that exceed your expectations.


Our in-house presses can cut a variety of shapes/sizes and makes parts up to 76” x 50” from all non-metallic materials.


Dieless Cutting

We use your CAD files for parts up to 60” x 60” This is a cost-effective process for prototypes and low volumes.


Kiss Cutting

We provide peel-and-stick parts in a roll or with a tab, for rapid assembly needs.



Recommended for weather stripping and similar applications—up to 52” wide, delivered in rolls of various slits, widths and thicknesses.


Waterjet Cutting

We use your CAD files to create prototypes or small-volume runs, for materials up to 6” thick.


Adhesive Application

Our pressure sensitive adhesive systems are designed to meet just about any industrial requirement. We can apply both acrylic- and rubber-based PSA transfer systems to most rubber, sponge and fiber materials.

molding methods

Molding Methods

From our in-house cast urethane molding to our reliable sourcing of parts made with other techniques, we custom mold rubber parts according to your exact specification.

  • Compression molding
  • Transfer molding
  • Injection molding
  • Cast molding

Assembly and Contract Manufacturing

We not only customize our products for your manufacturing needs, we will gladly assist you with assembly and integration of our products if needed.