What You Need to Know About Molded Rubber Tolerances

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All materials and industrial manufacturing processes create some degree of variability from one product to the next, no matter how automated the processes are. Depending on the materials and the needs of the project, these tolerances can be relatively large or incredibly minute so the products meet their required quality standards. Metals can often hold […]

Common Elastomer Properties

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What Are Elastomers? Elastomers are synthetic or natural materials capable of repeated stretching without losing their original shape. Natural rubber is one of the most widely known elastomers. Choosing the best elastomeric material for your industrial needs requires understanding the different types of elastomers on the market. Below are common elastomers and how they fall […]

ASTM Testing Methods for Elastomers

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American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) is a global organization with thousands of members who are technical experts in different fields. They work to develop and publish comprehensive standards, consisting of test methods, specifications, classifications, guides, and best practices for different materials, products, and systems used in many industries. Ensuring the elastomers used in […]

The Industrial Flatbed Lamination Process

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Flatbed lamination is a process that involves using pressure and heat to join multiple materials, producing a multi-layered composite with improved properties. Compared to PSA lamination, which involves creating a sticky, adhesive surface to bond materials with, industrial flatbed lamination can create specialized laminates such as multi-layered sheets or rolls. Industrial flatbed lamination is used […]

Thermal vs. Acoustic Insulation

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Many types of heavy machinery, appliances, and other equipment require thermal and acoustic insulation to prevent excessive heat and noise. These products protect operators and keep machinery working reliably. As a leading provider of quality thermal and acoustic insulation products, RubberMill can help you better understand how these products work and the different types available. […]

Different Kinds of Rubber

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When to Use Different Kinds of Rubber Materials As a trusted supplier of non-metallic parts, RubberMill is knowledgeable in rubber types. The components we produce, such as gaskets and seals, insulation parts, and molded parts, can all be made from a variety of high-quality rubber materials. This blog post will explain the different types of […]