We have in-house capability to perform a wide range of cutting methods on all kinds of non-metallic materials. We respond quickly to provide manufacturers with custom parts, at a volume and price that meets their unique needs. Contact our team now for current availability, or other general materials information.

RubberMill can fabricate many flexible materials that are available in roll and sheet form. We can source to specification or help to identify appropriate materials for your application.


Silicone Foams

Fabric Inserted Rubbers

Needled Felts

Pressed Felts

Tufted Felts

Shoddy Pad

Rebond Pad

Nonwoven Scrims and Liners



NBR bonded Fiber Sheet



NVH Materials


Filter Media

Specialty Papers

Vulcanized Fiber Paper – Fish Paper

Cork and Cork/Rubber


Recycled Rubber

Minimum order quantities based on raw material supplier sourcing may apply. We would like to quote your OEM requirements — contact our team today.