Insulation PartsAppliances and automobile/transportation use acoustic and thermal insulation in products to improve energy efficiency and customer comfort/satisfaction. Express ship packaging companies add insulation to cartons for products that require refrigeration.

Home Theater installers face panels and furniture use this for the best acoustical experience. There are many other applications as well. RubberMill has the capability to supply truckloads of large insulation parts out of both our Liberty and Conover, North Carolina locations.

We specialize in making parts from “High-Loft” Nonwoven Polyester, FR Cotton Shoddy, Poly Foams and other closed cell and open cell Elastomeric Insulation Parts for customers in the Appliance, Transportation and other OEM industries. We stock several and are familiar with an additional array of cost effective acoustic materials from .25” to 4.0” thick. Utilize our pressurized laminator to create your own acoustic multi material laminate.


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RubberMill has a number of materials available to suit your unique application. Learn more about our nonwoven material selection here.