FibraMat is a non-hazardous alternative to Fiberglass that is a UL Recognized (94-HF1), non- woven material and is 100% recyclable. It is an excellent thermal and acoustical insulator and can be laminated with films, scrims, foils, fabrics, and pressure-sensitive adhesives.

Acoustical Fibramat

Acoustical FibraMat™ Blends

Acoustical FibraMat Blends are non-hazardous, versatile materials which can be used for almost any noise reducing application. Our noise reduction engineers know that a variety of factors must to be accounted for in noise reduction.

Influence Of Fiber

Noise Influencers & Acoustics

RubberMill provides targeted noise reduction for your unique application. In order to create the best noise dampening technology on the market, we perform extensive research and testing into the factors that influence noise reduction.



Our PyroMat delivers the flexibility, stability and withstands temperatures up to 750°F. It is ideal for gasketing uneven surfaces and radiuses that might be exposed to flame and combustion chamber environments.