We provide an array of high-quality products to meet your exact needs. Whether you need to create a new part or need a modification on an existing one, we are here to help.

Gaskets and Seals



From simple ID/OD washers, to complex shapes and parts that are kiss-cut or relief-cut, RMI is committed to supplying our OEM customers with competitive pricing and prompt turnaround for their custom cut gasketing requirements.

Rubber Washers

RubberMill provides washers made by lathe cutting, die cutting and molding. Due to the variety of manufacturing methods, an unlimited range of sizes and compounds can be provided.



RubberMill can apply pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) to roll goods and slit to width a large variety of materials to meet customer specifications.


Custom Molded Rubber Parts

We use a variety of techniques including compression molding, transfer molding, injection molding and cast molding to produce parts to your drawings and specs.


RubberMill produces custom rubber grommets for our customers in every shape, size and specification, including round, step, oval, blind, plug, bumper, wire, square shoulder, horse shoe and split grommets. Please request a quotation for your custom grommet requirements.


Lab Stoppers

We produce rubber stoppers for the lab, commercial, medical, food and beverage, and industrial markets. We provide any shape plug, bung, or stopper commonly used for labware, bottles, boiler tubes, flasks, jars, test tubes or similar containers.


Crutch Tips

RubberMill’s molded standard heavy duty crutch tips and standard contemporary crutch tips are also used as chair leg caps, cane tips, walker tips, and tubing tips. We specialize in large quantity custom design tips to meet OEM requirements.

Black heavy duty and contemporary style tips made from 60 durometer Shore A, SBR, are in stock for immediate delivery. The RubberMill minimum order policy applies. See RubberMill’s Terms and Conditions.

Urethane Products

Our custom urethane parts are cast into open molds ranging in hardness from 5 durometer to 97 durometer Shore A, and are available in most shapes and colors.


Clean-out Balls

Our clean-out balls are made from the highest quality natural rubber, and are known for their uniform density and cell structure, and greater abrasion resistance.
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Precision Ground Rubber Balls

RubberMill supplies precision ground rubber balls in hardnesses from 40A to 90 Shore A, based on exact tolerances and stringent rubber compound specifications. We offer them in custom colors, sizes, and compounds, for uses ranging from check valves and seals, to flow control meters.


Commercial Grade Rubber Balls

We produce industrial grade balls to RMA Class 3 commercial tolerances in a wide range of specifications and compounds. These can be produced from all of the materials listed above, and are used in bulk material handling, shakers, sifters and screening.


Sponge Rubber Balls

Chemically blown and molded from premium-grade natural rubber, our sponge balls are uniform in cell structure, and can be custom made to order. These balls are used for exercise equipment, flotation devices, and specialty applications.