Noise reduction is affected by many factors. For peak performance, you need many options.

Acoustical FibraMat™ Blends are non-hazardous, versatile materials which can be used for almost any noise reducing application. Our noise reduction engineers know that a variety of factors must to be accounted for in noise reduction. We can recommend a new material for your application that may better suit your needs and come in at a lower cost.


Get optimal performance at a lower cost and weight with our Acoustical FibraMat™ Blends

  • Manufactured from both natural and man-made blends – virgin, regenerated and recycled fibers
  • Standard and high temperature constructions with continuous use maximums up to 200°C (350°F)
  • Meets various UL 94 and MVSS302 flammability standards
  • Safe alternative to fiberglass requires no respirators or protective clothing

Our engineers will help you to select the best material for your application. With our knowledge of materials, we can recommend a new material that may better meet your needs, and come in at a lower cost.

RubberMill Acoustical FibraMat Blends

Range (Metric) Range (English)
Weight 200 gsm – over 5k gsm 0.65 osf – 16 osf
Density 15-20 kg/m3 – 100kg/m3 1 lb/ft3 – 6lb/ft3
Thickness 12mm – 150mm 0.5″ – 6.0″

ASTM E1050 Impedance Tube Testing

ASTM E1050 Impedance Tube Testing

We can conduct testing on your existing materials to provide further data specific to your requirements, and propose Acoustical FibraMat™ Blends to prequalify constructions prior to your in-house application testing.