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Custom molded rubber parts, specializing in precision rubber balls, sponge rubber, silicone. Also manufacturer of Fibramat fiberglass replacement insulation blanket material.

RubberMill™... more than just rubber!
Fibramat fiberglass replacement insulation material. Custom molded rubber parts to customer specifications. Foam rubber, sponge rubber .  Adhesive backed, PSA sponge rubber custom parts and tapes.
Precision rubber balls for industrial applications. Celebrating 25 Years All types of rubber grommets.
Crutch tips and protective tips made from rubber and other materials. Laboratory stoppes.  Available in one-hole stopped, two-hole stopper or no hole styles.

RubberMill offers total capability in the production of dense and sponge rubber products. Our rubber products are manufactured by molding, extruding, die-cutting, casting and machining. In 2001 RubberMill introduced Fibramat™, a non-woven synthetic fiber as an alternate to fiberglass for industrial insulation, acoustic and filtration applications. Fibramat products are produced by thermobonding and needling processes. Secondary fabrication includes adhesive coating, die-cutting, slitting, foil and film lamination, and heat molding. RubberMill also produces a wide range of pressure sensitive adhesive products in both rubber and acrylic formulations. Our adhesive systems include direct hot-melt adhesive coating, and supported and unsupported transfer adhesive tapes.

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For over 25 years, RubberMill, located in Liberty, NC, has been a dependable source for a wide array of rubber products. RubberMill's strength is in custom molded rubber parts, both solid and sponge, for most industries. Our custom molding capabilities include rubber parts produced from compression rubber molding, transfer molding, and injection molding processes. RubberMill is also a dependable source for extruded rubber shapes... solid rubber extrusions, sponge rubber extrusions and cellular rubber extrusions.

RubberMill's expertise ranges across many types of rubber products. One area of concentration is rubber balls. We offer molded balls, precision ground balls, commercial grade rubber balls and sponge rubber balls. RubberMill balls have myriad applications including balls for screen cleaning, balls for air restriction, balls for check valves and other valves, balls for FDA uses, and balls for play. RubberMill produces balls from pure gum rubber, Nitrile, urethane, Viton™, neoprene, silicone, Buna-N and many other materials. Whether your need is for close-tolerance solid rubber balls or smooth skin sponge rubber balls...or something in between, turn to RubberMill.

Rubber grommets are another featured product. We offer molded rubber grommets in both standard sizes and configurations or custom rubber grommets made to your specifications. Round grommets, oval grommets, blind grommets, plug grommets, multiple hole grommets and horse shoe grommets are just some of the styles we produce.

Rubber crutch tips are another product available from RubberMill. Our molded crutch tips, also known as furniture leg tips, walker tips, tubing tips and cane tips, are produced in a wide range of sizes, colors and elastomeric compounds.

If your application calls for rubber washers, RubberMill can make exactly what you need. Lathe cut washers, die cut washers, and molded washers are among our offerings. While there are many off-the-shelf washers readily available, sometimes the best solution to specific and critical requirements can only be achieved with custom products. Washers made from Viton ™, EPDM washers, polyurethane washers, SBR washers, nitrile washers or any of dozens of other solid elastomeric materials can be supplied. In addition, RubberMill can provide cellular rubber washers in open cell foam material or closed cell sponge material with pressure sensitive adhesive backing, if required.

RubberMill is also a trusted supplier of tapered rubber stoppers for industrial, scientific, educational, medical and other applications. There are many rubber stopper styles available: standard solid rubber stoppers, one-hole stoppers and two-hole stoppers are the most common. RubberMill offers stock in black rubber compound or can custom mold other material required including SBR, EPDM, Neoprene, Nitrile (Buna-N), silicone, Viton ™, urethane, FDA approved compounds. Tapered rubber stoppers are the most common configuration, but we can provide any shape bung or stopper you need for labware, bottles, boiler tubes, flasks, test tubes or similar containers.

RubberMill has a long-standing reputation as a fabricator of gaskets. We produce gasket products via processes including molded gaskets, die cut gaskets, laminated gaskets, spliced gaskets and other processes. Acid and chemical resistant gaskets, closed cell sponge gaskets, cork gaskets, rubber gaskets, graphite gaskets and EMI/RFI shielding are just a few of the types. If you need high temperature gaskets, high pressure gaskets, FDA approved ingredients, oil resistant gaskets, foam gaskets, or sponge gaskets with pressure sensitive adhesive backing for weather stripping applications, trust RubberMill to make the right recommendation and products you need.

If you require shock mounts or anti vibration mounts, RubberMill can help. Our expertise includes machinery mounts, motor mounts, vibration isolation mounts for compressors, leveling mounts and many other applications. Most commonly, mounts involve rubber bonded to metal. Some mounting dilemmas can be solved simply by incorporating solid rubber bumpers, rubber grommets, solid rubber pads, foam rubber or sponge rubber materials or other damper products into the design. Our experts can help you deal with mounting, leveling, vibration abatement and similar issues early in your design process.

Urethane casting, also known as polyurethane casting, is often the perfect solution when the requirement calls for parts produced in small quantities. Urethane casting is quite versatile. Urethane parts can be made in a broad range of Durometer ratings and in many colors. Urethane tooling costs are typically lower than other molding processes. While solid parts can easily be made from urethane, more typically polyurethane casting is used for covering or recovering rollers: printing rollers, material handling rollers, wheels, casters, and similar products. Usually replacing roll coverings with urethane is less expensive than a new one.

RubberMill aims to be a complete source for the rubber products and rubber component parts you need. We carry a broad range of standard items such as rubber bumpers. Bumpers can range from small stem type bumpers to larger styles for door bumpers or even dock bumpers. As is true of most RubberMill products, bumpers can be supplied with pressure sensitive adhesive. Do you need molded rubber suction cups or vacuum cups? We have those, too. Rubber suction cups and vacuum cups are used in many industrial applications and especially for material handling.

RubberMill is now pleased to offer a very unique product line with a broad range of is a product line that we developed after repeated customer requests and many years of research and development. The broad family of products is known as Fibramat. Fibramat is an engineered, non-hazardous synthetic product intended mainly as a replacement for fiberglass in acoustical insulation, thermal insulation and filtration applications. Fibramat can be produced from a wide range of synthetic or natural fibers to meet specific requirements. Fibramat can be made in pre-cut shapes. Fibramat is a UL certified product. Fibramat is also friendly to those who have to work with it because it does not cause skin or respiratory irritation like fiberglass. Fibramat is hypo-allergenic and does not provide sustenance for bacteria and mildew. Fibramat is so versatile, it is difficult to categorize and its potential uses are still being developed. Fibramat is commonly supplied as insulation, and depending on its thickness, density and fiber composition, it can be used for sound absorption or noise control, high temperature thermal insulation. Fibramat is capable as filter media. Its unique properties make Fibramat quite easy to fabricate: it can be die cut, slit, laminated, ultrasonically welded, thermoformed. Perhaps equally important, Fibramat is economically attractive.

RubberMill is pleased that you have chosen to visit this website. Our aim is to provide an overview of our custom rubber molding capabilities, fabrication expertise and to introduce the range of standard and custom rubber products we provide. At the same time, we want to be a dependable source for important technical information related to rubber products and rubber compounds. We invite you to take advantage of our newly expanded range of technical PDF files that will provide a wealth of information on various polymers and compounds, material characteristics, part tolerances and much more.